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Trapping MONSTER Aquarium Fish in ABANDONED POND!

by Angling Rod

In the video “Trapping MONSTER Aquarium Fish in ABANDONED POND!” by Bass fishing Productions, Rob, a fish enthusiast, returns to an abandoned pond to catch rare aquarium fish before the pond is filled in. Using traps and nets, Rob catches a variety of colorful cichlids, albino oscars, African cichlids, green terrors, and albino pacu. These captured fish are then brought to Rob’s backyard pond to be kept as pets. The video raises the question of whether there should be a part 3 at the abandoned pond. Rob, also known as @robsaquatics, has a YouTube channel called Rob’s Aquatics and can be contacted through his business email: bassfishermanguy@gmail.com.

In the captivating video, Rob takes viewers on a journey to an abandoned pond filled with an abundance of fish. With the goal of saving these rare aquarium fish before the pond is filled in, Rob uses traps and nets to catch colorful cichlids, albino oscars, African cichlids, green terrors, and albino pacu. These unique finds are then brought back to Rob’s own backyard pond to be kept as his new pets. The video poses the question of whether a part 3 should be done at the abandoned pond, leaving viewers eager for more fish-trapping adventures.

About Rob and His Passion for Fish

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Who is Rob of Rob’s Aquatics?

Rob is a passionate fish enthusiast and the owner of the popular YouTube channel, Rob’s Aquatics. His love for fish and aquatic life drives him to explore abandoned ponds, catch rare and exotic fish, and educate viewers about the importance of fish conservation and pet care. Rob’s extensive knowledge and experience in fish keeping make him a trusted source of information for fellow hobbyists.

How does Rob’s passion for fish translate to his YouTube channel?

Rob’s passion for fish comes alive on his YouTube channel, where he shares his adventures in exploring abandoned ponds and trapping aquarium fish. Through his informative and entertaining videos, Rob educates viewers about different fish species, showcases his collection of captured fish, and offers valuable tips and insights on fish care and maintenance. His dedication to his hobby shines through in his videos, captivating and inspiring viewers who share the same passion for fish.

Overview of Rob’s Aquatics’ mission

At Rob’s Aquatics, the mission is twofold. Firstly, Rob aims to save fish from dying in overcrowded and abandoned ponds by trapping them and relocating them to safer environments. Through his efforts, he helps preserve rare and endangered fish species that might otherwise perish. Secondly, Rob strives to educate and entertain viewers, providing them with a window into the fascinating world of fish keeping. By sharing his knowledge, experiences, and love for fish, Rob hopes to instill a deeper appreciation and understanding of aquatic life.

Exploring Abandoned Ponds

Why Rob explores abandoned ponds

Rob’s passion for fish drives him to explore abandoned ponds for several reasons. First and foremost, these ponds often contain a diverse array of fish species that have been left behind when the ponds were no longer maintained. By exploring these abandoned ponds, Rob has the opportunity to rescue these fish from an uncertain fate. Additionally, discovering and collecting rare and unusual fish species adds excitement and novelty to his hobby. Exploring abandoned ponds also allows Rob to connect with nature and indulge in his love for fish in a unique and thrilling way.

Common locations Rob finds abandoned ponds

Abandoned ponds can be found in various locations, ranging from private properties to public parks. Rob often discovers these hidden gems through careful research, tips from fellow hobbyists, or chance encounters. Some abandoned ponds are remnants of old fish farms or recreational fishing spots that have fallen into disrepair. Others might be former backyard ponds that were once lovingly maintained but have been neglected over time. The beauty of exploring abandoned ponds is that each location holds its own surprises, offering a new adventure with every visit.

How Rob found a property with four ponds

Recently, Rob stumbled upon a remarkable property that boasts not just one, but four ponds. This discovery was a dream come true for him as it presented a unique opportunity to encounter a wide variety of fish species. The previous owner of the property had populated these ponds with fish, including koi, cichlids, pacus, silver dollars, and gouramis, turning it into a mini aquatic paradise. Rob’s thrill at finding such a treasure trove of fish cannot be overstated, and he wasted no time in making the most of this incredible opportunity.

Trapping Monster Aquarium Fish in Abandoned Ponds

The goal of trapping fish in abandoned ponds

The primary goal of trapping fish in abandoned ponds is to save them from certain death as the ponds are eventually filled in and the fish are left with no place to go. By trapping the fish and relocating them, Rob ensures their survival and gives them a chance to thrive in safer environments. This goal aligns perfectly with Rob’s dedication to fish conservation and his desire to protect and preserve rare fish species.

Dangers facing fish in abandoned ponds

Fish in abandoned ponds face numerous dangers that threaten their survival. Overcrowding is a common problem, as the lack of maintenance allows fish populations to multiply unchecked. Limited food sources, stagnant water, and poor water quality can lead to malnutrition, disease, and even death. Without intervention, abandoned ponds can become inhospitable and lifeless environments for fish. Rob’s trapping efforts aim to rescue fish from these perilous conditions and provide them with the care and attention they need to flourish.

Challenges Rob faces when trapping fish

Trapping fish in abandoned ponds is not without its challenges. First and foremost, gaining access to the ponds and setting up traps requires careful planning and coordination. The size and layout of the ponds can vary, necessitating different trap configurations and techniques. Additionally, capturing elusive and skittish fish can be a daunting task, requiring patience, skill, and a deep understanding of fish behavior. Weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures or heavy rainfall, can also pose challenges to successful trapping. Despite these obstacles, Rob’s determination and expertise allow him to overcome them and achieve his goal of saving and caring for these amazing creatures.

Trapping MONSTER Aquarium Fish in ABANDONED POND!

Types of Fish Found in Abandoned Ponds

Always discovering different types of fish

Exploring abandoned ponds offers Rob the exciting opportunity to encounter a wide range of fish species. Each pond holds its own surprises, often teeming with colorful and unique fish. This constant discovery keeps Rob’s passion for fish alive and ensures that every visit to an abandoned pond is an adventure.

Colorful cichlids, albino oscars, African cichlids, green terrors, albino pacu

Some of the fish species that Rob has encountered in abandoned ponds include colorful cichlids, such as African cichlids and green terrors. These vibrant fish boast a stunning array of colors and patterns, adding a burst of beauty to any aquarium. Albino oscars and albino pacu are also among the fascinating specimens Rob has come across. Their unique and striking appearance makes them highly sought after by fish enthusiasts.

Special mention for albino fish and green terror cichlids

Albino fish, including albino oscars and albino pacu, are particularly captivating due to their lack of pigmentation. Their vibrant white or pale coloration stands out in any aquatic environment, making them a prized addition to Rob’s collection. Green terror cichlids also deserve special mention for their striking green and orange coloration and their reputation for being aggressive and fiercely territorial. These unique fish add a touch of excitement and challenge to Rob’s fish-keeping endeavors.

The Methodology Used in Catching Fish

Types of gear Rob uses: traps, casting nets, and dip nets

To catch fish in abandoned ponds, Rob utilizes a variety of gear depending on the situation. Traps are a primary tool in his arsenal, allowing him to lure and capture fish efficiently. Casting nets are another essential piece of equipment, enabling Rob to cover a larger area and capture fish that may be too fast or elusive for traps. Additionally, dip nets provide a more controlled method of catching individual fish.

When and why each gear type is used

Traps are typically used when targeting specific areas or fish species. They are an effective method for capturing multiple fish at once, making them ideal for removing a large number of fish from overcrowded ponds. Casting nets, on the other hand, are excellent for covering a larger area quickly and indiscriminately, giving Rob the chance to catch a wide range of fish species. Dip nets provide more precision and control, allowing Rob to catch individual fish or target specific specimens.

Unique strategies used to trap fish

Rob’s expertise and experience have led him to develop unique strategies to increase his chances of trapping fish successfully. One such strategy involves using bait that is appealing to the target fish species. By selecting the right type of bait and placing it strategically, Rob can attract fish to the traps or nets. Additionally, observing fish behavior and understanding their movement patterns within the pond helps Rob position his traps and nets in the most optimal locations.

Transferring of Captured Fish

Why captured fish are transferred to a different location

Captured fish are transferred to a different location to ensure their safety and well-being. Abandoned ponds are often unsustainable environments for fish due to overcrowding, poor water quality, and limited resources. By relocating the captured fish to a different location, such as Rob’s backyard pond, they are given a fresh start in a controlled and cared-for environment. This transfer allows the fish to thrive and live long, healthy lives.

Process of moving trapped fish to Rob’s backyard pond

Moving trapped fish to Rob’s backyard pond involves careful planning and consideration for the well-being of the fish. Once captured, the fish are placed in suitable containers with enough water to keep them comfortable during transport. Rob ensures that the water temperature, pH levels, and other water parameters are consistent with the conditions in his backyard pond. Once at his pond, the captured fish are gently released into their new home, where they can acclimate and begin their new life under Rob’s care.

Ensuring optimal conditions for the captured fish

Rob’s dedication to providing optimal conditions for his captured fish is paramount. He meticulously maintains the water quality of his backyard pond, ensuring the right balance of temperature, pH levels, and dissolved oxygen. Rob also closely monitors the dietary needs of each fish species and ensures they are fed a nutritious and appropriate diet. Additionally, he maintains a natural and stimulating environment within the pond, complete with plants, hiding spots, and adequate space for the fish to swim and thrive.

Keeping the Captured Fish as Pets

The role of the captured fish in Rob’s home life

Captured fish play a significant role in Rob’s home life by providing him with joy, excitement, and companionship. As pets, these fish add beauty and color to his backyard pond, creating a tranquil and captivating environment. Rob enjoys observing the behavior of his captive fish, appreciating their individual personalities and quirks. The presence of these fish enriches Rob’s daily life and strengthens his connection with the aquatic world.

Instances of keeping specific fish as pets

Among the captured fish, certain individuals have become beloved pets in Rob’s care. One such example is an albino oscar, a stunning and rare fish that now thrives in Rob’s backyard pond. The oscar’s playful and engaging nature brings immense pleasure to Rob, making it a cherished member of his aquatic family. Other individual fish, such as colorful cichlids and green terror cichlids, have also found a forever home in Rob’s backyard pond, where they receive the love and care they deserve.

How pet ownership contributes to Rob’s passion for fish

Pet ownership plays a vital role in fueling Rob’s passion for fish. The responsibility of caring for these captivating creatures enhances his understanding and appreciation of them. By witnessing their growth, behavior, and evolution in his care, Rob’s passion deepens, motivating him to continue his efforts to conserve and protect fish species. Through pet ownership, Rob cultivates a personal connection with fish, strengthening his commitment to their well-being and inspiring others to do the same.

Plans for Part Three of the Series

Why the idea for a part 3 has been raised

The idea for a part 3 in the series has been raised due to the continued success and popularity of Rob’s explorations and fish trapping adventures. Viewers have shown great enthusiasm and anticipation for each new installment, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Rob’s pond exploration journey. The demand and interest in these videos have led to discussions about the possibility of a part 3, building upon the excitement and curiosity surrounding Rob’s work.

Potential benefits of a part 3 for viewers

A part 3 in the series would provide viewers with more captivating content, deeper insights into the world of abandoned ponds, and the opportunity to witness extraordinary fish discoveries. Building upon the success of the previous videos, a part 3 would offer an extended and enhanced viewing experience. Rob’s engaging storytelling and educational approach would continue to engage and entertain viewers, while further fueling their passion for fish and their appreciation of nature.

Brief exploration of what a part 3 might entail

While the specific details of a part 3 are yet to be determined, it is certain that viewers can expect more thrilling adventures, stunning fish captures, and valuable insights into the world of abandoned ponds. Rob’s passion and dedication would shine through as he explores new locations, encounters exciting fish species, and shares his expertise and experiences with his loyal audience. With each new part in the series, Rob aims to leave viewers inspired, educated, and eager for the next installment.

Maintenance and Care of The Captured Fish

The various ways Rob takes care of the aquarium fish

Rob ensures the well-being and longevity of his captured fish through dedicated maintenance and care. He regularly monitors the water quality of his backyard pond, performing routine tests to maintain optimal conditions. This includes checking the temperature, pH levels, and ammonia and nitrate levels. Rob also conducts regular water changes to prevent the buildup of harmful substances and to keep the water clean and clear.

Typical diet of these fish

The captured fish in Rob’s care receive a well-balanced and nutritious diet tailored to their specific needs. Depending on the species, this may include high-quality pellet or flake food, frozen or live foods such as bloodworms or brine shrimp, and occasional fresh vegetables or fruit. Rob ensures that the fish receive a varied diet that meets their nutritional requirements and encourages their overall health and vitality.

Keeping the pond environment clean and conducive for the fish

Maintaining a clean and conducive environment is crucial for the health and well-being of the fish. Rob regularly removes debris, excess vegetation, and any potential sources of contamination from the pond. This includes monitoring the growth of algae and employing techniques to keep it in check, such as the use of algae-eating fish or the addition of water treatments. By maintaining a clean and balanced environment, Rob ensures the fish have the best possible living conditions.


Summary of Rob’s efforts to save fish and educate viewers

Rob’s passion for fish, showcased through his YouTube channel, Rob’s Aquatics, has had a significant impact on fish conservation and viewer education. Through his exploration of abandoned ponds, his trapping of rare and exotic fish, and his dedication to their care, Rob has become a beacon of inspiration for fish enthusiasts worldwide. By sharing his knowledge, experiences, and love for fish, he not only saves these incredible creatures from certain death but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the aquatic world.

Closing thoughts on the series and its impact on fish and viewers

The series documenting Rob’s adventures in trapping monster aquarium fish in abandoned ponds has captivated and inspired viewers from all walks of life. The thrilling encounters, breathtaking captures, and valuable insights have left a lasting impact on both fish and viewers alike. The series serves as a reminder of the importance of fish conservation, the beauty of aquatic life, and the power of passionate individuals like Rob to make a difference.

Final words about the passion and dedication in Rob’s work

Rob’s passion and dedication to fish and their well-being are evident in every aspect of his work. From exploring abandoned ponds to trapping and caring for captured fish, Rob’s tireless efforts leave no doubt about his commitment to preserving and protecting these remarkable creatures. His work serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion and the profound impact one person can have in making a positive change in the world of fish conservation.

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