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This Sewer is LOADED with AQUARIUM FISH!

by Angling Rod

In today’s video by Bass fishing Productions, you’ll witness an exhilarating fishing adventure where the narrator, Rob, and his friend, Helen, trap exotic aquarium fish in a sewer and introduce them to Rob’s backyard pond. The video starts with setting up fish traps in the sewer, connected to a creek teeming with African cichlids. Dry sewers and fish in need of rescuing prompt them to use nets for catching. They also try their luck by fishing with a rod in the creek, resulting in the capture of numerous colorful cichlids. When they check the fish traps later, they are astonished by the rare fish they have caught, prompting them to contemplate returning to this spot for more exciting catches. The video focuses on trapping and fishing various types of fish, especially cichlids, to diversify the population in Rob’s pond.

Setting Up Fish Traps in the Sewer

This Sewer is LOADED with AQUARIUM FISH!

How the traps were set up

To catch exotic aquarium fish from the sewer, two fish traps were set up. The traps were strategically placed in the sewer, which was connected to a creek abundant with African cichlids. These traps were designed to attract and secure the fish, offering a safe and efficient method of capture.

Why the sewer location was chosen

The sewer was chosen as the location for setting up the fish traps due to its connection to the African cichlids-filled creek. This provided a direct access point to the desired fish population. Additionally, the sewer environment offered a confined and controlled space, making it easier to observe and capture the fish.

Connection between the sewer and African cichlids-filled creek

The sewer was connected to a creek where African cichlids thrived. This connection allowed the fish in the sewer to have direct access to the vibrant and diverse population of cichlids in the creek. This connection ensured a constant flow of fish between the two locations, making it a prime spot for trapping and fishing.

Rescuing Fish from Dried Up Sewers

The specific sewers that were dry

During the fishing expedition, some sewers were found to be dried up. This posed a threat to the fish that were trapped inside without access to water. It became necessary to rescue these fish and relocate them to a suitable environment.

How the fish were rescued

The fish that were trapped in the dried-up sewers were rescued using nets. Carefully navigating the sewer system, the rescuers were able to reach the trapped fish and scoop them up with nets. These nets were designed to be gentle on the fish and minimize any harm or stress caused during the rescue operation.

Methods and tools used for rescuing fish

To rescue the fish, the rescuers utilized nets specifically designed for capturing fish without causing harm. These nets had a fine mesh that prevented the fish from escaping while still allowing water to flow through, ensuring the fish’s well-being. The rescuers also employed careful navigation techniques in the sewer system to locate and reach the trapped fish.

Fishing From the Creek

Experience of fishing from the creek

After setting up the fish traps in the sewer, the fishing expedition moved to the creek. Fishing from the creek provided a unique and exciting experience as the team got to explore the natural habitat of the African cichlids and other fish species. The serene and picturesque surroundings added to the overall enjoyment of the fishing adventure.

Types of cichlids caught

Fishing from the creek resulted in the successful capture of numerous colorful cichlids. These cichlids belonged to different species, adding to the diversity of the team’s catch. The variety of cichlids caught highlighted the richness of the creek’s ecosystem and the team’s skill in targeting and capturing these specific fish.

Using a rod to catch the fish

To catch fish from the creek, the team utilized a rod and reel setup. This allowed for precise and controlled casting, enabling them to reach specific areas where fish were likely to be hiding. The use of a rod also added an element of skill and technique to the fishing process, enhancing the overall experience.

Surprising Discoveries

Finding rare fish in the traps

While checking the fish traps set up in the sewer, the team was pleasantly surprised to discover rare fish among their catch. These rare fish were not commonly found in the area and added a sense of excitement and novelty to the fishing expedition. The discovery of these rare fish showcased the diversity and hidden treasures that could be found in unexpected locations.

Reaction to the discovery

The team’s reaction to finding rare fish in the traps was one of astonishment and delight. They were amazed at the unexpected encounter with these rare specimens and appreciated the opportunity to observe and appreciate their unique beauty. The discovery fueled their enthusiasm and motivated them to continue exploring and fishing in similar locations.

Deciding what to do with the rare fish

Upon discovering the rare fish, the team faced the decision of what to do with them. They weighed the options of keeping the rare fish as pets, releasing them back into the creek, or finding a suitable alternative home for them. Careful consideration was given to the welfare and well-being of the rare fish, ensuring that the best decision was made for their long-term survival.

Considering Revisiting the Location

Discussion on going back to the location

After the successful fishing expedition in the sewer and creek, the team engaged in a discussion about the possibility of returning to the same location. They deliberated the potential benefits and drawbacks of revisiting the spot, weighing various factors such as the abundance of fish, the excitement of discovering rare species, and the potential for future fishing adventures.

Potential benefits of revisiting

The potential benefits of revisiting the sewer and creek location included the opportunity to catch more fish, explore different areas, and deepen their understanding of the ecosystem. Revisiting the spot could also serve as a learning experience and provide valuable insights into the behavior and habits of the fish in that particular environment.

Debating the ethical concerns

Alongside the excitement of revisiting the location, the team also considered the ethical concerns associated with repeatedly trapping and fishing in the same area. They contemplated the potential impact on the fish populations, the disturbance to the natural habitat, and the overall sustainability of their actions. This ethical debate ensured that the team approached their fishing adventures with the utmost care and consideration for the environment.

Introducing Rob, the Narrator

Rob’s role in the project

Rob served as the narrator and central figure in the fishing project. He shared his expertise, knowledge, and passion for fishkeeping, making him an invaluable guide throughout the fishing expedition. Rob’s experience and insights enriched the overall experience for both the team and the viewers of the video.

Sharing his contact information

Towards the end of the video, Rob shared his contact information, including his business email and social media handles. This allowed viewers and fellow fish enthusiasts to connect with him, ask questions, and potentially collaborate on future fishing endeavors. Rob’s willingness to share his contact information showcased his dedication to fostering a community of fishkeeping enthusiasts.

His interest in the hobby

Throughout the video, it was evident that Rob had a genuine interest and passion for the hobby of fishkeeping. His enthusiasm shone through as he interacted with the fish, shared his knowledge, and expressed his joy in discovering rare species. Rob’s dedication to the hobby served as inspiration for fellow fish enthusiasts and encouraged others to pursue their own interests and passions.

Focusing on Catching Various Fish Types

Main types of fish targeted

During the fishing expedition, the team primarily focused on targeting cichlids. Cichlids are a diverse family of fish known for their vibrant colors and unique personalities. By targeting cichlids, the team aimed to add diversity and beauty to Rob’s pond, creating an aesthetically pleasing and thriving ecosystem.

Focus on capturing cichlids

Cichlids were the primary focus of the fishing expedition due to their popularity among fishkeepers. Their stunning colors, interesting behaviors, and adaptability made them ideal candidates for Rob’s pond. By focusing on capturing cichlids, the team aimed to enhance the visual appeal of the pond and create an engaging and dynamic environment for the fish.

Challenge of catching different fish species

Catching different fish species, especially those as diverse as cichlids, presented a unique challenge for the team. Each species had its own preferences, behavior patterns, and habitats within the sewer and creek. To successfully catch a variety of fish species, the team had to adapt their strategies, using different baits, lures, and techniques tailored to the specific needs of each species.

The Friendly Competition between Rob and Helen

How the competition started

The friendly competition between Rob and Helen emerged naturally during the fishing expedition. Their shared passion for fishing and desire for a friendly challenge sparked the idea of seeing who could catch the most and most colorful fish. The competition added an exciting element to the fishing adventure and further deepened the camaraderie between the team members.

Rules and objectives of the competition

In their competition, Rob and Helen set specific rules and objectives to make it fair and enjoyable for both participants. The main objective was to catch as many fish as possible, with bonus points awarded for catching rare or particularly vibrant specimens. The friendly rivalry motivated both Rob and Helen to showcase their fishing skills and achieve personal milestones.

Results and highlights of the competition

The competition yielded impressive results, with both Rob and Helen catching a substantial number of fish. Each participant had their own highlights, such as catching rare species and vibrant cichlids. The friendly rivalry between the two added an extra layer of excitement to the fishing expedition and served as a testament to their shared love for the hobby.

Catching Several Cichlids Varieties

Number of cichlids caught

Throughout the fishing expedition, the team successfully caught a significant number of cichlids. The exact count varied between Rob and Helen, as they were engaged in a friendly competition. Nevertheless, the overall catch showcased the abundance of cichlids in the sewer and creek and demonstrated the team’s skills in targeting and capturing these colorful fish.

Discovery of an unusual blue cichlid

Among the cichlids caught, the team made a surprising discovery: an unusual blue cichlid. This particular specimen stood out from the rest due to its unique coloration and markings. The discovery of this rare blue cichlid added an element of excitement and wonder to the fishing expedition, highlighting the hidden treasures that could be found in unexpected places.

Other species caught like tilapia and Vieja cichlids

In addition to cichlids, the team also caught other species of fish throughout the fishing expedition. Species such as tilapia and Vieja cichlids added diversity to the team’s catch and showcased the richness of the ecosystem in the sewer and creek. The team appreciated the opportunity to observe and appreciate these different species and gain a deeper understanding of their habitat and behavior.


Summary of the sewer and creek fishing experience

The fishing expedition in the sewer and creek proved to be an exciting, fulfilling, and educational experience. The team successfully set up traps, rescued fish from dried-up sewers, fished from the creek, made surprising discoveries, and engaged in a friendly competition. The diversity and abundance of fish species showcased the richness of the ecosystem and provided valuable insights into the underwater world.

Lessons learned from the experience

The fishing adventure taught the team important lessons about conservation, ethics, and the joy of exploring nature. They learned the importance of respecting and preserving the natural habitat, particularly when revisiting the same location. The experience also emphasized the need for responsible fishing practices and highlighted the crucial role of fishkeepers in maintaining a healthy, balanced ecosystem.

Future plans for more fishing adventures

After a successful fishing expedition in the sewer and creek, the team expressed their enthusiasm for future fishing adventures. The experience ignited their passion for fishkeeping and fueled their desire to continue exploring different habitats, discovering rare species, and adding diversity to Rob’s pond. The team eagerly looked forward to future fishing trips and the unique experiences they would bring.

As the video by Bass fishing Productions came to an end, the viewers were left with a sense of excitement and inspiration. The team’s fishing expedition in the sewer and creek showcased the beauty and diversity of the underwater world and underscored the importance of responsible fishkeeping and conservation efforts. With their newfound knowledge and experiences, the team, led by narrator Rob, set out to continue their fishing adventures, fueled by their passion for fish and their commitment to preserving the natural world.

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