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Catching WILD TETRAS And Aquarium FISH!

by Angling Rod

In the video titled “Catching WILD TETRAS And Aquarium FISH!” by Rob’s Aquatics, the creator takes viewers on a fishing trip to a puffer fish location to catch tetras and other exotic aquarium fish. The video showcases techniques such as using fish traps and netting to catch the targeted fish. Towards the end, the creator also shares a tour of a potential new house. The video requests support from viewers through likes, subscriptions, and enabling post notifications, and provides contact information for inquiries. Overall, it’s an exciting and informative video for fishing enthusiasts and aquarium lovers alike.

Welcome back to Rob’s Aquatics! In today’s video, we’re revisiting a puffer fish location where we catch tetras and various exotic aquarium fish. The video captures the process of using fish traps and netting to catch the fish we’re targeting. The water conditions are great, and there’s a wide variety of fish, including black skirt tetras, blue fin killifish, jewel cichlids, and danios. We also give a sneak peek of a potential new house. If you enjoyed our previous videos and want to see more like it, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss any of our future uploads. Contact us via email at robsaquaticsbusiness@gmail.com for any inquiries. Join us on this exciting fishing adventure in “Catching WILD TETRAS And Aquarium FISH!”

Catching WILD TETRAS And Aquarium FISH!

Understanding the Motive Behind the Video

Rob’s Aquatics as the creator of the video

The video titled “Catching WILD TETRAS And Aquarium FISH!” is created by Rob’s Aquatics, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing aquatic adventures and providing education about fishkeeping. Rob’s Aquatics is known for its informative and engaging content that appeals to aquarium enthusiasts of all levels.

Focus on catching wild tetras and exotic aquarium fish

In this particular video, Rob’s Aquatics focuses on catching wild tetras and other exotic aquarium fish. This choice of topic demonstrates the channel’s commitment to exploring different aspects of the aquarium hobby and sharing unique experiences with its viewers.

Use of the video as a tool for engagement and support

Apart from showcasing the adventure of catching fish, the video serves as a tool for engagement and support from the viewers. It encourages them to interact with the channel by liking the video, subscribing, and enabling post notifications to stay updated with future uploads. Additionally, viewers have the opportunity to become members of the channel, which allows them to access exclusive content and support the channel’s continued growth.

The Fishing Trip to Catch Tetras

The journey to the puffer fish location

The video begins with the introduction of the fishing trip to a location known for puffer fish. Rob’s Aquatics takes the viewers along on their journey, providing a sense of excitement and anticipation.

The abundance of tetras and potential exotic species in the location

Once they reach the fishing location, they observe the abundance of tetras and potential exotic aquarium fish. The clear and clean water conditions indicate a healthy ecosystem, making it an ideal spot for catching diverse fish species.

Observations on the condition of the water

Rob’s Aquatics takes a moment to appreciate the good condition of the water in the fishing location. They note that the water’s clarity and quality will likely contribute to their success in catching a good number of fish during the expedition.

Techniques Employed in Catching the Fish

Use of fish trap

To catch the fish, Rob’s Aquatics utilizes a fish trap. They bait the trap with pieces of bait that have been stored in the back of their truck for some time, ensuring that the smell is attractive to the fish. The trap is strategically placed in an area where numerous fish travel, creating a natural pathway for the fish to enter the trap.

The art of netting the water

In addition to the fish trap, Rob’s Aquatics employs the art of netting the water. They carefully navigate through the weeds and shallow areas, using a net to scoop up fish. This technique allows them to target specific species and obtain a closer look at the fish in their natural habitat.

Proper handling of the trapped and netted fish

Throughout the video, Rob’s Aquatics emphasizes the importance of proper fish handling. They ensure that the fish are handled with care to minimize stress and potential harm. This reflects their commitment to ethical fishing practices and maintaining the well-being of the captured fish.

Species of Fish Caught

Catching of Black skirt tetras

During the fishing trip, Rob’s Aquatics successfully catches black skirt tetras. These beautiful fish, known for their vibrant colors and distinctive fin shape, add a touch of elegance to any aquarium.

Abundance of Blue Fin killifish

The video highlights the abundance of blue fin killifish in the fishing location. These native species, with their unique blue fins, are a delight to observe and catch. Rob’s Aquatics captures some of them using their netting technique, showcasing the diversity of fish species in the area.

Catch of Jewel Cichlids

Among the various species caught, Rob’s Aquatics also manages to catch jewel cichlids. These colorful and lively cichlids are a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts due to their stunning appearance and active behavior.

Spotting of Danios

Throughout the fishing trip, Rob’s Aquatics spots danios in the water. These small and active fish are known for their playful nature, making them a valuable addition to any tropical aquarium.

The Unexpected House Tour

Introduction to a potential new house

Towards the end of the fishing trip, Rob’s Aquatics surprises the viewers with an unexpected house tour. They introduce a potential new house they are considering, showcasing their personal life and giving viewers a glimpse into their future plans.

Tour around the house

During the house tour, Rob’s Aquatics takes viewers on a virtual tour of the property. They highlight key features, such as the spacious rooms, backyard, and potential areas for aquarium setups. This integration of personal content adds an intimate touch to the video.

Update on the pending status of the house

While the house tour excites viewers, Rob’s Aquatics mentions that the purchase of the house is still pending. This update adds a sense of anticipation and suspense, as viewers are left eager to learn more about the outcome of their potential new home.

Engagement and Support Requests in the Video

Encouragement for viewers to like and subscribe

Throughout the video, Rob’s Aquatics repeatedly encourages viewers to like the video and subscribe to their channel. This simple action allows viewers to show their support and stay connected with future content.

Request to enable post notifications as a form of support

In addition to likes and subscriptions, Rob’s Aquatics requests viewers to enable post notifications. By doing so, viewers will receive instant updates whenever a new video is uploaded, ensuring they never miss out on exciting content.

Offer to viewers to become members of the channel

To further engage and support the channel, Rob’s Aquatics offers viewers the opportunity to become members. By becoming a member, viewers can access exclusive content and contribute to the channel’s continued growth.

Contact Provision in the Video

Contact details for inquiries

Rob’s Aquatics provides their contact details, specifically their email address, for any inquiries or questions viewers may have. This allows for direct and effective communication between the channel and its audience.

Effective communication through robsaquaticsbusiness@gmail.com

To ensure smooth communication, Rob’s Aquatics highlights their email address, robsaquaticsbusiness@gmail.com, as the primary means of contact for any business-related inquiries. This clear provision allows interested parties to reach out and establish connections easily.

Importance of Such Expeditions

Cultivating interest in aquatics among viewers

By sharing their fishing trip adventures, Rob’s Aquatics aims to cultivate and nurture viewers’ interest in the world of aquatics. By providing an up-close and personal look at unique aquatic experiences, they hope to inspire and educate their audience about the beauty and diversity of fishkeeping.

Helping appreciate fish diversity

The fishing trips showcased in the video emphasize the diverse range of fish species that exist in various aquatic habitats. Rob’s Aquatics believes that by exposing viewers to this wide array of fish species, they can help foster an appreciation for the natural world and the incredible diversity of aquatic life.

Promoting ethical fishing practices

Through their careful fish handling and emphasis on ethical fishing practices, Rob’s Aquatics promotes responsible and sustainable fishing. By setting an example, they hope to inspire viewers to adopt similar practices and prioritize the well-being of fish and their natural habitats.

Potential Impacts to the Aquarium Industry

Boosting the popularity of aquatics as a hobby

By showcasing the thrill and beauty of catching wild and exotic fish, the video has the potential to generate interest in the aquarium industry as a hobby. The excitement and unique experiences shared by Rob’s Aquatics may inspire viewers to explore fishkeeping themselves, contributing to the growth of the aquarium industry.

Encouraging sale of exotic aquarium fish

The video’s focus on catching exotic aquarium fish may lead to an increased demand for these species. As viewers become captivated by the beauty and appeal of these fish, they may be more inclined to purchase them for their own aquariums. This can have a positive impact on the aquarium industry and the availability of exotic fish species.

Promoting responsible pet ownership

By emphasizing ethical fishing practices and proper fish handling, Rob’s Aquatics promotes responsible pet ownership. The video highlights the importance of creating optimal conditions for fish and prioritizing their well-being. This message can help educate viewers on the responsibilities that come with owning and caring for aquarium fish.


In conclusion, the video “Catching WILD TETRAS And Aquarium FISH!” by Rob’s Aquatics provides an exciting and educational journey into the world of fishkeeping. Rob’s Aquatics showcases the techniques employed in catching fish, the various species caught, and even takes viewers on an unexpected house tour. Throughout the video, they engage with their audience, encouraging support and emphasizing the importance of ethical fishing practices. By sharing their fishing adventures, Rob’s Aquatics aims to foster interest in aquatics, promote fish diversity, and contribute to the growth of the aquarium industry.

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