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Massive 98lb catfish caught by hand

by Angling Rod

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible story of a massive 98lb catfish caught by hand. This jaw-dropping feat took place in Texas and was captured on video by WSLS 10. The catfish measured a staggering 56 inches long, and it was discovered by two intrepid fishermen who were noodling on a lake just outside of Dallas. Equipped with scuba gear, they bravely dove 14 feet deep into the hole where the catfish was hiding. However, this mighty fish wasn’t too thrilled with their presence. In fact, the goal of noodling is to let the fish bite you so you can grab it by the mouth and pull it out. But given the size of this catfish, it put up quite a fight, shaking the fishermen like rag dolls before they finally managed to bring it under control. This catch has the potential to be the largest catfish ever noodled and weighed on a certified scale, pending official confirmation. Noodling, for those unfamiliar, is a technique in which anglers use their hands or feet to tempt fish. Once the fish clamps down, the angler then grabs it with their bare hands. This astonishing catfish catch certainly showcases the incredible skill and bravery of these hand fishermen.

Massive 98lb catfish caught by hand

The Catch

Details about the catfish

In Texas, a massive catfish weighing 98.7 pounds and measuring 56 inches long was recently caught. This impressive catch was accomplished by two hand fishermen who found the catfish during a noodling expedition in a lake outside of Dallas.

Location of the catch

The catfish was caught during a noodling adventure on a lake outside of Dallas, Texas. The exact name of the lake was not disclosed, but it provided the ideal habitat for this massive catfish.

Fish catchers’ initial reaction

Upon discovering the catfish, the two hand fishermen donned their scuba gear and bravely dove 14 feet deep into the hole where the catfish was hiding. They were prepared for an intense battle, as they knew that the goal of this fishing method, known as noodling, was to allow the fish to bite and then grab it by the mouth with their bare hands.

The Noodling Process

Overview of noodling

Noodling is a unique fishing technique where anglers use their hands or feet to tempt a fish into clamping onto their limb. Once the fish bites down, the angler swiftly grabs it with their bare hands. This risky and adrenaline-pumping method requires a great deal of skill, strength, and fearlessness.

Description of the noodling process with this particular catfish

When the two hand fishermen jumped into the hole, they immediately encountered the massive catfish. As they expected, the fish was not happy about their intrusion. The catfish fiercely bit and shook the fishermen, making the struggle to capture it all the more challenging and thrilling.

The challenges during the process

Noodling presents several challenges that anglers must overcome. One of the main obstacles is the unpredictable behavior of the fish. In this instance, the massive catfish bit and shook the fishermen, making it difficult for them to maintain their grip. Additionally, the sheer size and strength of the catfish posed a significant challenge, as it required immense strength and determination to control and bring it to the surface.

The Scuba Gear

Importance of scuba gear in noodling

Scuba gear plays a crucial role in noodling, allowing fishermen to explore the depths of the water and search for potential catfish hideouts. Without scuba gear, divers would be limited in their ability to locate and catch catfish using this method.

Specific gear used in this instance

The two hand fishermen utilized scuba gear to dive 14 feet deep into the hole where they found the massive catfish. Their scuba gear provided them with the necessary oxygen supply and allowed them to navigate the underwater environment safely.

Role of the scuba gear in this catch

The scuba gear enabled the fishermen to access the deep depths of the lake and locate the catfish’s hiding spot. It also provided them with the ability to stay submerged for an extended period, increasing their chances of encountering and successfully catching the massive catfish.

The Hunt

Description of the hunt for the catfish

The hunt for the catfish involved a thrilling pursuit underwater as the two hand fishermen searched for the elusive fish. Guided by their knowledge and experience, they navigated the underwater terrain to locate potential hiding spots and ultimately discovered the monster catfish.

Duration of the hunt

The exact duration of the hunt was not specified, but it required a considerable amount of time and patience. The fishermen faced various challenges during the pursuit, making the hunt all the more exhilarating.

Highlighting notable moments during the hunt

Throughout the hunt, there were undoubtedly several noteworthy moments that amplified the excitement and intensity. The initial encounter with the massive catfish stands out as one such moment, as the fish fiercely attacked the fishermen, demonstrating its sheer power and determination to be free.

The Struggle

Depicting the struggle with the massive catfish

The struggle with the massive catfish was a test of strength and resilience for the two hand fishermen. The fish put up a fierce fight, biting and shaking them relentlessly. It was like being toyed with by a ragdoll, with the catfish’s immense strength almost overpowering the fishermen.

Fish catchers’ description of the struggle

According to the two hand fishermen, the struggle with the catfish was intense and physically demanding. The powerful bites and forceful thrashing of the fish made it challenging to maintain control. It took both of them great effort and determination to eventually gain control over the massive catfish.

Overcoming the catch

Despite the intense struggle, the two hand fishermen managed to overcome the powerful catfish. Through their perseverance and skill, they were able to control and bring the fish to the surface, marking a significant victory in their noodling adventure.

Netting the Catfish

Steps in catching the fish

After gaining control over the catfish, the fishermen employed various techniques to ensure a successful catch. They used nets to secure the fish and prevent it from escaping, creating a safer and more controlled environment for further handling.

How the fishermen controlled the catfish

To control the catfish, the fishermen relied on their strength and expertise in handling such massive creatures. They carefully maneuvered the fish, ensuring they maintained a firm grip and prevented any potential injuries to themselves or the fish.

Reaction of the catfish

Given the intense struggle it endured, the catfish likely exhibited signs of distress and exhaustion. However, without further details, it is challenging to determine its exact reaction after being netted by the fishermen.

Potential Record

Details on the current record

The current record for noodling involves the capture and weighing of a catfish using a certified scale. This record sets a standard for comparison and recognition of exceptional catches like the one made by the two hand fishermen.

How this particular catch compares

If confirmed, this capture of a massive catfish weighing 98.7 pounds could potentially break the current record. Its exceptional size and weight make it a noteworthy candidate for establishing a new noodling record.

Processes involved in confirming a record

Confirming a record typically involves submitting paperwork and evidence of the catch to a relevant fishing organization or regulatory body. These entities review the documentation and verify its authenticity before officially recognizing it as a record-breaking achievement.

Certified Weighing

Explanation on certified scale

A certified scale is a calibrated weighing device that has been tested and approved for accuracy by certified authorities. The use of such scales ensures that the measurements taken during the weighing process are reliable and precise.

Weighing process for the catfish

To determine the exact weight of the catfish, the two hand fishermen would have utilized a certified scale. This process involves carefully placing the fish on the scale and ensuring that accurate measurements are recorded.

Outcome of the weighing

Since the article does not provide information on the outcome of the weighing process, it is unknown whether the catfish’s weight was officially confirmed and recorded as a potential record-breaking achievement.

Perspectives on Noodling

Views on noodling as a fishing method

Noodling is a fishing method that evokes strong opinions and perspectives. Some people view it as an exhilarating and thrilling way to catch fish, embracing the challenge and physicality involved. Others might perceive it as a dangerous and unnecessary risk to both the fishermen and the fish.

Benefits and challenges of noodling

Noodling offers the benefit of direct contact with the fish, providing a unique and immersive fishing experience. However, this method comes with inherent risks, such as potential injuries to the fishermen due to the fish’s strength and sharp teeth. Additionally, it may disrupt natural habitats and breeding grounds if not practiced responsibly.

Fish catchers’ personal experiences with noodling

While the fish catchers’ personal experiences with noodling are not explicitly stated in the article, it can be inferred that they found it to be an intense and rewarding fishing method. Their successful capture of the massive catfish would undoubtedly have provided them with a memorable and thrilling experience.


Summary of the massive catch

In Texas, two hand fishermen successfully caught a massive catfish weighing 98.7 pounds and measuring 56 inches long. Their noodling adventure in a lake outside of Dallas led to an intense struggle with the catfish and a victorious outcome.

Reflection on the noodling experience

The capture of the massive catfish through noodling showcased the bravery, skill, and determination of the two hand fishermen. Their ability to overcome the challenges and control such a formidable fish highlights the unique and adrenaline-fueled nature of noodling.

Final thoughts on the potential record

If the weight of the catfish is officially confirmed as a new record, it would solidify the remarkable achievement of the two hand fishermen. Their dedication to the noodling technique and their successful capture of this massive catfish mark a significant milestone in the world of fishing.

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